We are super honored to carry these badges! We have received this honor from the Emerald Cup as well as the Cultivation Classic!


Sustainable source such as rainwater catchment and dry-farming.

Sufficient buffers to protect riparian and wetland areas.

Water conservation strategies.


Carbon farming.


Crop rotation.

Closed-loop, onsite plant nutrition.

On-site composting systems.

Microclimate and margin maintenance.


Land Management

Contouring and rainwater harvesting systems that promote groundwater recharge.

Forest and natural area management that promotes habitat and instream flows.

Ecological offsets such as reforestation and afforestation.

Plant Systems

Perennial polycultures that support pest management.

Companion planting and cover cropping.

On-site food systems.

Breeding programs that promote bioregional, resilient species beyond phenotypes.


Wildlife corridors and habitat restoration.

Livestock integration.


Providing clean, patient-demanded medicine.

Sustainable energy use.

Resource and skill sharing.