Far and away the most progressive and aligned 3rd party cert we carry, joining the DEM PURE family has been an amazing part of our journey as earth stewards. The work that DragonFly Earth Medicine has put into educating and uniting a community of earth conscious care takers is humbling. These folks are helping change the planet and we are so grateful to be apart of this potent group of farms! Thank you DEM!

The Pure Certificate is set to be the highest example of regenerative cannabis cultivators, extractors, and vendors in the world.

  • Pure farmers and gardeners agree to go beyond monocropping to create a rich, biodiverse landscape that supports a healthy, biologically intelligent environment. *Food, medicine, pollinator gardens, and predator friendly gardens are present on every farm. The purpose of this certificate is to grow food and medicine in a way that is gentle on the earth, healthy for humans and healthy for the environment.
  • It is our goal to regenerate the earth with proper farming methods and education. Pure farmers take into account the embedded energy it takes for inputs to come to our farms. We choose inputs that are tested organic, whole food additions that are good for our beneficial microbes, pollinators, wildlife, water systems and humans. Growing as much of your inputs as possible, sequestering carbon, and creating a closed loop system on your farm is the focus. The Pure Family Agreement, is an agreement to the regeneration of the earth and its sensitive ecosystems. The most effective and powerful thing about this certification is that it is community driven, community supported and community monitored.
  • Agreeing to be Pure certified is agreeing to be an example to the rest of the Cannabis and beyond community and industry. A Pure certified farmer or business owner is a teacher, that can inspire others. Each farm and business is distinct, and goes the extra mile to insure practices and knowledge are pure from beginning to end. Monitoring farm, sales, marketing, education and practices so that they are wholistic in nature, seed to seed vision.
  • A Pure certified family member agrees to share practices, recipes, education with other Pure certified farmers. We, as a group, will inspire others to make their space more biodiverse and healthy.
  • The Pure Certification goes beyond the National Organic Standards (NOP) and USDA. We feel the word “Organic” has been faded by these large institutions, and no longer represents the healthy environment, products and practices we consider pure. The Pure Family creates a comprehensive flow with minimal inputs, creating living soils, and nearly eliminating waste and garbage. Pure certified family never uses any harmful synthetic sprays or chemical fertilizers. They never use harmful fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides. They use all natural eco friendly regenerative practices that enhance nature. We agree to encourage each other to learn more, do more, create more in a way that Mother Nature would approve.