S2E2 Spring

Springtime is here and we are excited to share our seasonal update! Join us for a cross coastal chat with Nick, Liz and Ben as they talk about Spring life of the farm, the starting of the growing season, animals in pastures, wildlife galore, direct seeding cannabis, economy vs ecology and more! Plus, there is

S2E2 CR High Lama

We are releasing shorter “mini-sodes” in between our seasonal updates this year in the form of cultivar reviews, and here is the first installment! Join Elizabeth, Nicholas, and Jesse as they smoke the High Lama, and talk about their experience growing, harvesting and smoking this cultivar. We encourage you to find some in your local

S2E1 Winter

Season two here we are! Smack dab, right in the middle of winter! Join us for the first seasonal update from the Green Source Gardens crew of 2019! We cover topics about Nick’s time at the Emerald Cup in December, Cannabis breeding and the magic of F1s, Seeds! Yule cakes! Anointing oils! And more… Stick

S1E4 Fall

Fall is here! Happy Equinox to everyone. The Sun is crossing the celestial equator and we are now preparing to reap our harvest of tomatoes, peppers, corn, cannabis and more! Gathering the goods of our labor, carefully preserving, curing and fermenting all of the gifts the sun and soil have bestowed. It is a rich

S1E3 Summer!

As the longest days of the year fade and begin to shorten our plants are in full vegetative growth and the farm is a very busy place. Join Nick, Liz and Ben for a sit down summer solstice chat about how farm life this past season was. They talk about regenerative farming systems, naturalizing crops

S1E2 420 Special!

Happy 4/20 Everyone! Join Nick and Liz for a special canna-holiday episode! We sit down with our good buddies Dan Mar of @hightidepermaculture and Jesse Dodd of @Biovortex to have a in depth conversation about what regenerative cannabis farming is, share perspectives on the role of science and soul in the garden and wax on

Welcome to Green Source Gardens

S1E1 Spring

Spring is here and we are excited to announce the premiere of The Green Source Gardens Farmcast! While the seasons may be changing outside, the episode you are about to hear inside (your ears) was recorded over the winter when Elizabeth’s brother Ben (@benworcester) was visiting for the holidays. Join us as we embark on