S2E3 Summer

In this summer season update Nick, Liz and Ben check in about the happenings around the farm and start the episode off with a new idea, a Q and A segment! We address some of the questions that get tossed our way though Instagram and Email. This is something we would like to do from now on, so if you follow us on Instagram and we don’t specifically answer you questions, tune in the show and we may cover it in detail! The rest of the episode we touch on planting tactics, updates on our attempts to direct seed, our 34% THC testing result, mulching with wool, giant parsnips, plant breeding and MORE! We hope you enjoy the update. After the episode be sure to stick around for the cultivar review on the Cherry Lotus with Jesse Long.

Our theme was mixed by Mike Wert – you can find him on Instagram @mugwert

The podcast is produced by Ben Worcester – you can find him on Twitter and Instagram @benworcester