S1E4 Fall

Fall is here! Happy Equinox to everyone. The Sun is crossing the celestial equator and we are now preparing to reap our harvest of tomatoes, peppers, corn, cannabis and more! Gathering the goods of our labor, carefully preserving, curing and fermenting all of the gifts the sun and soil have bestowed. It is a rich and celebratory time of year. In this episode we sit down with Ben, who was able to visit from the east and see the garden first hand in all its flowering glory. We had a rousing chat about the enigmatic beauty of the Pinkleberry, breeding techniques, the ecological diversity in the garden, harvesting tactics and more. We hope you enjoy the episode!

Thank you to Mike Wert for providing our intro music! Find him on Instagram @mugwert

This podcast is produced by Green Source Gardens with the expertise and editing of Ben Worcester.