S1E3 Summer!

As the longest days of the year fade and begin to shorten our plants are in full vegetative growth and the farm is a very busy place. Join Nick, Liz and Ben for a sit down summer solstice chat about how farm life this past season was. They talk about regenerative farming systems, naturalizing crops into their growing spaces and over coming the challenges they faced in the initial years of establishing their garden. Beets, Symphylans, direct seeding crops, grow berms as seed banks, forest management, integrated perennial polyculture are just a few of the topics that you will hear! After their check in with brother Ben, Nick and Liz sit down for a cultivar review with their multi-talented and highly insightful employee Jesse Long to review the ‘Wonder Goo’. Sit back, relax … light a hogleg and enjoy the show.

Big thank you to the talented Mike Wert for mixing our intro! Find him on Instagram @mugwert

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