S1E2 420 Special!

Happy 4/20 Everyone! Join Nick and Liz for a special canna-holiday episode! We sit down with our good buddies Dan Mar of @hightidepermaculture and Jesse Dodd of @Biovortex to have a in depth conversation about what regenerative cannabis farming is, share perspectives on the role of science and soul in the garden and wax on about the power of trusting nature! For the love of fungus gnats and habitat, we hope you enjoy the show! After the episode we have a informal smoke session cultivar review with two other industry friends, Mike  and Larry (@mugwert and @jerrybucket) !! We smoke some flower, share tasting notes and laughs. Thank you to Ben Worcester (@benworcester) for production and editing on this episode! Mike Wert (@mugwert) did our intro. We hope you have a great 4/20 filled with hoglegs, friends and family.