Synergy: The Magic That Makes Medicine Grow

There is a magical vitality that is born from diverse synergy. Synergy is the best fertilizer a farmer/grower could ever provide. Diverse synergy can only be achieved through the cultivation of a functioning ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem depends on diversity. That is the foundation for its health and immunity.

Food, herbs, and medicine grown in a synergistic soil ecosystem is given the ability to attain its fullest potential. When our food, herbs, and medicine are at there fullest potential, we can be assured that that same health and vitality is then passed onto your body. When you gather food and medicine for yourself it is wise to try and identify sources that provide the highest possible synergy so you can bring that vitality into your own existence. By searching out Green Source Gardens flowers at dispensaries you can be assured that the synergy is there. All our flowers,regardless of their THC content, will help patients who chooses them, because we assure you they are able to reach their highest potential in our garden.

The difference is clear once you start looking for it, you can feel it in the medicine when it is consumed. The effects are richer, more vibrant and longer lasting than medicine grown with lifeless recipes and fed commercially produced amendments. This difference is rooted in theterrestrial experience of the plant. The flavors and aromas reflects the complex life systems of a diverse ecosystem. This is the way medicine is supposed to be, a link to the deeper realms of natures infinite cycles. Green Source Gardens is committed to fostering synergy in the land and communities we work with. We are here to help transition agriculture into a process of caring for and enriching our communities. We believe the soil is the heart of all life, we believe it is worthy of worship and care. We feel that it is our responsibility to pay attention to promoting vitality and sustainability. Care for your soil and cure your sickness. It’s time to cultivate synergy in our lives. Green Source Gardens flowers are a true source of synergy. We give all the credit to the energy force of the Earth and are continually grateful for the whole universe and beyond.