On the Evolution of Cannabis: the Importance of Seed Grown

At Green Source Gardens we are interested in contributing to the ever evolving cannabis species. We understand the only way for a species to evolve is through the act of procreating, therefore bringing new generations into existence. The beauty of growing cannabis from seed is there is a bit of mystery as to what will become of the new generation. This is how cannabis has come to express such amazing varieties. If we focus to much on cloning, we would be hindering evolution and limiting the plants genetic potential.

As cannabis continues to evolve, as a plant, as an industry and as a culture it is important that we support farms that breed genetics in order for cannabis to continue its path into new realms. The reason cloning has become so prevalent in cannabis cultivation is because of its predictability. We aren’t saying predictability is bad but maybe just a bit boring in comparison to watching a plant evolve to become more adapted to its environment.

We live in a very dramatic and toxic time in Earth’s history and we believe that in order to create a medicine that is effective for this new worlds health problems, we need to support evolution, which will lend the plant a better chance of adapting to a more toxic environment than a clone. We argue that nothing grows as true to its natural expression unless it comes from the ancient wisdom of nature, which is of course, the seed.  Cloning feels too unnatural for our taste, we want all species to move forward into the future in the way nature intended.

So, seed grown in the natural sunlight with the natural cycles of the seasons is the evolution of a cannabis plant that is made for these times. We can only assume that this is the way to create and continue to ensure the best possible medicine for all life on the planet.