Transparency in Industry: No Trade Secrets, Just Education

GSG is of the mindset that full disclosure of methodologies used in growing, curing, and processing products will create a strong foundation for the emerging cannabis industry. That means that all the best growers must be willing to share and help educate the industry so we can work together and support a healthy assembly line that caters to a society that cares about healthy and responsible growing practices. When a method is found that promotes restoration of damaged agricultural lands and at the same time can supply the market with top of the line products, then it should be shared openly as a service to the potential healing of the planet earth. We would prefer empowerment over wealth, and sharing over greed. Success is when we are working together from the top to the bottom and sharing in the economic responsibilities as well as the ethical decisions about supporting new land management methods. As a consumer it is good to know where the product came from and what processes it went though to end up on the dispensary shelf. Industry built on trade secrets, fear, and competition are doing destruction on a global scale. This corporate model puts the consumer at risk because it allows for deceiving misinformation in place of truth. As new industries form we must begin with good choices, it’s important as a producer, processor, wholesaler, retailer, and consumer to be a team and only compete against destructive production practices. It is on our back to bare the burden of economic inequality in corporate industry. We must move forward in birthing a new industry paradigm that aims to rehabilitate the damages that have been done by senseless greed and world domination.