Green Source Gardens

In order to achieve a healthy biological soil ecosystem it requires a commitment to not disturbing the communities of soil life that thrive if left undisturbed. We understand the importance of polyculture gardens where diverse plant species work in collaboration with one another to achieve their highest potential as medicine. Our gardens are planted with dynamic accumulators that increase aroma, vigor, potency, and overall health. Because we foster functioning ecosystems of life, no insect is a pest! We have never, and never will, use any form of pesticide on our gardens! The only thing we spray on our plants is water from our spring that sits at the top of an isolated watershed in the King Mountain appellation.

Our methods are rooted in experience and influenced by research, including but not limited to the growing styles dictated by Bio-dynamics, Permaculture, Hugelkulture, Indigenous Agriculture, and Love. It is time to promote agricultural practices that not only provide us with healthy thriving biomass but also heal and build soil!

We are in need of understanding how the earth and cosmos create abundance that is everlasting. By engaging in practices that build healthy biological soil communities we begin to move towards a more promising future.