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GSG 2016/17 Lab Results

After Bern: METRC #023 After Bern: METRC #024 After Bern: METRC #057 | Terpenes Report: METRC #057 Amherst-Blue-Fire  METRC #082 | Terpenes Report:  METRC #082 Bean-Train  METRC #078| Terpenes Report:  METRC #078 Berniewise  METRC #076 | Terpenes Report:  METRC #076 Black-Grape-Romulan  METRC #060 | Terpenes Report: METRC #060 Blue OG: METRC #012 Blue-Shiva-Diesel-Goo METRC # 080 | Terpenes Report: METRC #080 Bluedream-x-DEM840 METRC #077| Terpenes Report: METRC

Working with Diversity

Green Source Gardens

Green Source Gardens is committed to creating rich diversity in our soils which in turn will grow the highest quality medicine possible. In order to achieve a healthy biological soil ecosystem it requires a commitment to not disturbing the communities of soil life that thrive if left undisturbed. We understand the importance of poly-culture gardens

Philosophy and Growing with Green Source Gardens

Philosophy and Growing

A key component to success in the garden starts with the grower’s philosophical relationship to existence. Our philosophy is rooted in being a part of and not separate from nature, allowing for a meaningful relationship to deepen with each passing season. Garden care and plant management are the action-based extensions that result from careful observation and participation

SYNERGY at Green Source Garden

Synergy: The Magic That Makes Medicine Grow

There is a magical vitality that is born from diverse synergy. Synergy is the best fertilizer a farmer/grower could ever provide. Diverse synergy can only be achieved through the cultivation of a functioning ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem depends on diversity. That is the foundation for its health and immunity. Food, herbs, and medicine grown in a synergistic soil ecosystem is

On the Evolution of Cannabis: the Importance of Seed Grown

At Green Source Gardens we are interested in contributing to the ever evolving cannabis species. We understand the only way for a species to evolve is through the act of procreating, therefore bringing new generations into existence. The beauty of growing cannabis from seed is there is a bit of mystery as to what will become of the new

Transparency in Industry: No Trade Secrets, Just Education

GSG is of the mindset that full disclosure of methodologies used in growing, curing, and processing products will create a strong foundation for the emerging cannabis industry. That means that all the best growers must be willing to share and help educate the industry so we can work together and support a healthy assembly line